DX Milk Tanks

Welcome to Daw Refrigeration bulk milk tanks website. Daw Refrigeration supply maintenance and service on Bulk Milk Tanks, also selling both new and used second hand milk tanks throughout the southwest, ice bank tanks and dx milk tanks. We sell other various equipment for the dairy industry such as heat recovery, ice banks, plate coolers, condensing units and other ancillary parts for bulk milk tanks. With the direct expansion technique the milk is cooled by direct contact with the evaporator. Thanks to the free evaporation and proper mixing of the milk, the heat exchange is optimal, a high cooling capacity is guaranteed and freezing is prevented, even for small amounts of milk.
Why not add one of our Serap heat recovery units to your existing system and make vast saving on heating your water.
We can offer a range of new and used milk tanks. Click on the below link to view example specifications of the desired make of tank. We supply and install many different new and used tanks, please contact us to discuss your needs.
milk tank service
  • Second Hand Tanks

    Daw Refrigeration can offer a wide range of second hand bulk milk tanks, from conventional dx to ice bank tanks. These milk tanks come in a range of makes and sizes.
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  • DX Milk Tanks

    Daw Refrigeration install a wide range of Serap made milk tanks. We can supply and install Dx tanks from start to finish including all electrical and plumbing work.
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  • Silo Tanks

    For extra large storage of milk from 10,000 to 40,000 litres, an outdoor silo milk tank could be what you need. Click more info for full specs on our outdoor silo milk tanks.
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DeLaval Milking Parlours

Milking Parlours

Daw Refrigeration are proud to take on DeLaval, servicing, maintaining, and installing new DeLaval milking parlours.
We are proud to offer service and maintenance on all makes and models of milking parlour giving you 24 hour breakdown cover, and bringing your parlour up to spec for farm assurance purposes.

We have also introduce aftermarket sales as part of our new venture offering DeLaval parlour chemicals, teat dips and all other dairy sundries delivered straight to farm free of charge.